Home grown and refined over thirteen years,

Phat Cat Swinger is a 10-piece big band with a West Coast sound that brings style, class, charisma and an explosive energy to the stage.  Combine their ingenious song list with a powerful 5-piece horn section, a jumpin' rhythm section and their newest member and singer, Curtis Parry, and you've got the perfect recipe for an instant party with Phat Cat Swinger.

But don't take our word for it!

Just ask Director: JJ Abrams and he'll tell you,
"There is no one better than, Phat Cat Swinger..."

Or Grammy Nominated Saxophonist: Dave Koz and he'll tell you: 
“…These guys are the real deal! It’s almost like stepping back  in time when they’re on stage—so much fun to listen to, and a total blast to watch…they’re the full package, and absolutely perfect for Beverly Hills! I can’t wait.”

From their music videos with Christina Aguilera and Snow Patrol to performances for State Representatives and even the Playboy Mansion,  there's a reason why Phat Cat Swinger comes highly recommended in Hollywood. Yet, they are still the best kept secret in LA. We invite you to come find out what it's all about. 
You won't keep it a secret for long...

Find both of their albums,

"Phat Cat Swinger" &  "Swing In Evolution"
available worldwide in digital format! Get it today on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more!

Phat Cat Swinger is "JJ Abrams Approved!"


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